I work on thinking about God and worshipers

At Sanzo Inari Shrine in Fukuyama City, in addition to prayers, we carry out wiping off and various events and festivals. In general, it is considered important for the priesthood to offer prayers to God, but it is also important to prepare the grounds where God descends.
Furthermore, preparations for various events and festivals and various other responses are required. At Sanzo Inari Shrine, we will make every effort to satisfy you.

Miss Sanzo Inari Contest

Miss Sanzo Inari Contest

Every year in November, the “Sanzo Inari Thanksgiving Day / Miss Sanzo Inari Shrine Miss Contest” is held in cooperation with local companies.
In the first screening where unmarried women up to 27 years old gathered by general public recruitment and the second selected eight people actually changed into Miko costumes and selected, and three women were selected here Selected as Miss Sanzo Inari.

Application Requirements

● Eligibility
A bright unmarried woman suitable for a 18-27 year old lady
(Self-recommended or not recommended, excluding high school students)
Those who can participate as a shrine maiden at Sanzo Inari Shrine for 12/31, 1/1, 2, 3

● Application method
Fill in a commercially available resume (history and height) and send it to the Miss Sanzo Inari Selection Committee with a reply envelope (affixed with a stamp) and a full body and face photo taken within 6 months or Bring
(Please note that application documents will not be returned for organizational reasons.)

● Examination method
After the initial screening / document screening, the contestant will notify the principal.
The final selection / public screening will be held on the Noh stage at Sanzo Inari Shrine. (There is no swimsuit examination.)

● Privilege
Trophy, certificate, Miss Sanzo Inari (3 persons) “Travel ticket of 50,000 yen”
Other prizes from other sponsors

● Organizer
Miss Sanzo Inari Selection Committee

New Year / January part-time job recruitment

(1) Personnel: 10 to 15 people / Eligibility: 18 to 28 years old

* We will cut as soon as the planned number of people is reached

(2) Work

① New Year's Day

(I) 0:00 to 8:00 (special allowance)

* 12/31 22:00 set

(B) From 8:00 to 17:00

② Weekdays 9am to 9pm (shift system / shift system)

③ Other

(3) Allowance: Please contact us for details.

(4) Other

① Work content training (half day)

The date and time will be notified to the part-time job decider.

(2) Interview (Please bring an ID that you can verify)

About sacred sake

The liquor offered to God in Shinto is called kamikake,
It has been used since ancient times for rituals related to God.
God sake is a thankful sake with a meaning of purification,
Instead of drinking a lot with Gabu Gabu
It is common to get half the amount.
Sake is mainly used for sake,
Served to the gods before the festival and everyone will have a sake.
This means that you will be thankful for the sake that the sacred spirit dwells in.

The right way to drink sacred sake

1. Courtesy: When the shrine maiden comes to pour the godsake, she taps her hand only once in the sense of "I'll get you".
2. Take a cup and receive a sake ...
3. Put your thumbs from the top and the remaining four fingers from the bottom. Do not move the cup unnecessarily when pouring it.
4. Worshiping the sacred sake ... Generally, it is divided into 3 mouths.
5. Wipe the heel with your finger.
6. The wiping method is to use the index finger and middle finger of the right hand from the top and the thumb from the bottom of the three fingers without moving the left hand.
7. Put a spear

Sanzo Inari Shrine, located in Fukuyama City, protects the precinct from a thorough management system so that everyone who comes to worship can spend their time in the precinct and return home with satisfaction. When we prayed, we have received the wishes of everyone, and have given dedication to God according to the content. We also take appropriate steps when paying money, and have good luck and good luck. Furthermore, events are held throughout the year, and we will continue to carefully and cordially promote ties with the local community.
While selling fortune tickets and amulets, we are working to provide smooth guidance. Some people visit the shrine as a tourist destination in Fukuyama City, and if you wish, you can also have a wedding ceremony on the grounds. In addition, while doing various duties, I face people and God who come to worship every day. Please spend a satisfying time in the precincts when you order.