We will tell you the details of the area around the shrine and the precincts with photos.

The shrine in Fukuyama City has a long history and has been used by many worshipers in this area for 400 years. In order to deliver a variety of information, we introduce photos of the precincts, surrounding areas, and annual events.
Because it conveys a wide range of information with photos, even those who are visiting for the first time can use it without worry. If you are thinking about worshiping at a shrine in Fukuyama City where nature is abundant, please use the various photos that are posted.
    Sanzo Inari Shrine, selected in Fukuyama City, conducts various operations every day. In addition to prayers that have benefits such as family safety, prosperous business, and marriage, we have also dealt with ransoms that need to be done with a certain amount of death. In addition, various events and festivals are held throughout the year. In addition, you can also visit Omiya, Shichigosan, Hyodo, etc., so it can be used for purposes other than prayer. We have been conducting activities that have taken root in the region for a long time, and we have started introducing photographs with photos so that we can convey the atmosphere of the precincts, operations, events and festivals to those who wish to use the shrine in Fukuyama City.
    On this page, we will tell you more about the situation and scenery in the precincts and various aspects that cannot be communicated with text alone. We will introduce the information that people who wish to visit will want to know each time.