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Among the shrines in Fukuyama City, Ugatama Daijin, Sarutahiko Daijin, and Omiya Daijinjin are used as ritual deities, and they pray for benefits such as exorcism, marriage, and prosperous business. We strive to deliver the latest information to those who pray for prayers, ward off, and other events and festivals.
We will keep you informed when information is updated, so you can check various contents at a glance. If you are looking for a shrine in Fukuyama City, such as a souvenir or prayer, please refer to the updated information.

  • Notice of Reiwa 3rd Year Setsubun Festival
    Information on this year's Setsubun Festival has been updated in the Sanzo Inari Diary. Please come and visit us!
  • The 33rd Miss Sanzo Inari Contest Held
    We will hold the Miss Sanzo Inari Contest for the 2nd year of Reiwa. Thanks to you, this is the 33rd Miss Contest. We look forward to your application and worship.
  • Recruitment of New Year's maiden part-time job
    We are recruiting part-time workers for New Year's Day. Please contact us if you are interested. We are also looking for participants for Miss Sanzo Inari Contest. ...
  • Looking for participants for Miss Sanzo Inari C...
    We are looking for participants for Miss Sanzo Inari Contest! For more details, please see the service page!
  • The homepage has been renewed!
    A new Sanzo Inari Diary will be updated as well.

It is known as a historical shrine in Fukuyama City and has been used by many people so far. The site is designed to help you get rid of the unclear points of visitors and visit the worship with a clear purpose. We have dedicated our prayers to make the daily lives of those who worship better, as well as praying for benefits as well as prayers. Also, thanks to the gratitude supported by many people, we also hold various events and festivals throughout the year and contribute to the community.
We will keep you posted in the future, so please use it when you order.