If you are thinking about worshiping, please come to the event or festival

As a historical shrine in Fukuyama City, it has been evaluated as a power spot in conjunction with various events and festivals as well as various benefits. Events and festivals are held throughout the year, and during each period, we pray and pray to God to help you have a better day.
Since you can participate freely, it is also recommended to visit at the timing of events and festivals. It is known to many people as a highly profitable shrine in Fukuyama City.

Annual events


・ New Year Prayer (January)
・ Miss Sanzo Inari photo session (January 3)

・ Monthly festival (Misaki Tsukinami) (1st of every month)

February Kisaragi

・ Setsubun Festival (February 3)

March Yayoi

・ Hatsuumasai
(March, first day of lunar calendar )

April 卯 月


June Minazuki

・ Otsuki Festival
(June 30 “May change on Sunday”)

July Moon

August Hazuki

September long moon

October Kannazuki

November Shimotsuki

・ Thanksgiving (November 23)


Event details

  • February Kisaragi


    ・ Setsubun Festival (February 3)
    Sesame tree prayer… We will burn sesame tree with wishes for prosperous business, family safety, good luck, etc.
    Yudate Shinji (boiled water)… Boil water in a large kiln, pray, throw coins, crawl, and then scoop the coins to the worshipers. Among them, those who are doing business fortune-telling the results of that year's business according to the amount of money saved, and the general one is putting the scooped coins in a talisman bag and putting it in a wallet to increase money luck Take it home as an amulet.
    ・ Prayer for good luck (especially from January to March)

  • March


    ・ Hatsumasai (March, first day of the old calendar )
    Inari was beaten on a mountain in Fushimi on the first noon of February in the year 711. To put it simply, it ’s the anniversary.
    Inari is a god of food, food and shelter and prays for the richness of the five grains that are the root of our lives.
    ・ Prayer for good luck (especially from January to March)

  • June Minazuki


    ・ Otsuchi Festival Oharasaisai (June 30 “subject to change on Sunday”)
    Write your address, name, and age on the doll (hitogata), rub your forehead, breathe into the shrine, go through the “ring of the frog” and pay the doll.
    It is a festival to redeem the first half of the year for sins and mercy and to spend the second half healthy and safe.

  • November Russia


    ・ Thanksgiving (November 23 (holiday) from 9:00 to 16:00)
    This festival is also known as the Niinaesai, and it gives thanks to God for harvest and labor. I pray for fertility in the spring and offer the harvested items to the gods in the fall and give thanks to God. It has long been customary to eat new rice from this day.

    [Thanksgiving schedule]
    ・ Tea ceremony 9:30
    ・ Celebration from 10:00
    ・ Tea seat from 10:00 to 15:00
    ・ Forklift from 10:00 to 16:00
    ・ Miss Sanzo Inari Contest from 13:00 to 16:00
    ・ Bingo game 14: 30 ~

  • January


    ・ New Year Prayer (January)
    Prosperous business, family safety, traffic safety, acceptance prayer, exorbitant prayer, workplace safety, etc.
    Ascension will be given amulets, ema, and offerings.
    Please make a reservation in advance for prayers at companies and other organizations.
    ・ Miss Sanzo Inari photo session (January 3)
    A photo session will be held with the three “Miss Sanzo Inari” selected at the “Miss Sanzo Inari Contest” held on November 23 of the previous year as a model.
    The best prize (1 person) will receive a prize of 10,000 yen and the excellence prize (2 persons) will receive a prize of 5,000 yen.
    Anyone can participate in the photo session as a photographer.
    ・ Prayer for good luck (especially from January to March)
    The exorcism is the current year (male: 25/42 years old, female: 19/33 years old), the previous year the previous year, the later year the later year, the shrine for the past three years and pray for sickness. To do. It is recommended that you pray for good luck during the period from New Year's Day to March.