A shrine in Fukuyama City will give you information to remove anxiety.

Sanzo Inari Shrine, famous in Fukuyama City, carries out various prayers and remedies with various benefits, and conducts events and festivals throughout the year. Visitors who have come to worship have experienced various benefits such as marriage, prosperous business, and family safety. Also, in order to avoid the unclear point of users who use the website, we have introduced a wide range of information in detail, and are working to communicate information as needed.
We will respond to each individual's thoughts in Fukuyama City and ask God who wishes to visit the shrine. So feel free to use the website and inquiries.

The priest will do the prayer and the ransom for profit.

The festival gods are Ugatama Daijin, who manages clothing, food, and residence, Sadahiko Daijin, who leads people in marriage, traffic safety, and safe delivery in a good direction. Okami is enshrined. It is possible to receive a wide range of prayers with their own benefits and the characteristics of God. We have delivered benefits to God, such as marriage, prosperous business, and family safety. In addition, we will help you to have a better day while praying for exorcism so that those suffering from disasters can spend their time safely. If you make a reservation in advance, you can pray for a business trip.
In addition, we have prepared a lot of amulets on which traffic safety, marriage, god crests and origins are drawn so that everyone can feel the blessing of God. Please pick up your favorite items when you order.

It ’s a place with an unprecedented history and origin.

It originated when Katsunari Mizuno, the founder of Fukuyama, built Fukuyama Castle in the 5th year of Genwa and became a guardian god of the Bingo country on the north side of the castle. The beginning is said to be when Katsunari is 21 years old, and Katsunari went on a journey of samurai training from the castle of Mikawakuni Kariya. At that time, Tadamasa, his grandfather, will give the gods passed from Kyoto Fushimi Inari Taisha to Kosei Katsunari. Katsunari continued to hold his body in battles in Shikoku and Kyushu, and eventually received the protection of Inari. After that, he will be beaten into the castle as a guardian god.
In addition, many people are familiar with the anecdote of a samurai who wants to help him with the role of nodo. The samurai was a fox who was a messenger of Sanzo Inari and helped many Fukuyama Samurai warriors and lords. It is said that he was able to overcome the earthquake in the 2nd year of Ansei with the help of Fox. Sanzo Inari, which has been dedicated to the Sanzo fox, is still enshrined on the site of Fukuyama Castle, so if you are interested, please visit.


A shrine that has been with you since the Edo period.


Corporate name

Sanzo Inari Shrine

Street address

1-7 Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

phone number
business hours

8: 00-17: 00

Regular holiday



As a shrine loved in Fukuyama city, it has a reputation as a power spot, and has abundant benefits and unique features. Many of those who visited the site realized the benefits, and now they have been used by the general public as well as managers and entertainers who operate the company. We will do prayers and remedies in Fukuyama City, so if you are looking for a shrine, please contact us by phone or on a special form.