Notice of Reiwa 3rd Year Setsubun Festival

2021/01/21 Sanzo Inari Diary

Sanzo Inari Shrine Setsubun Festival

Date and time February 2, 3rd year (Tuesday) 19:00 to 20:30

◆ Yutate Shinto ritual ◆

19: 00 ~

Boil water in a large kettle, pray for boiling water, throw coins into it, boil it further with Gomaki, and boil boiling water to remove the evil spirits.

After the Shinto ritual, the thrown coins are scooped up with a cassotte, and the amount of money entered is used to tell the fortune of this year. Those who do business borrow money, and individuals put it in a bag as a talisman so that they can save money (you can buy it at the award office for 1,000 yen) and put it in your wallet. Offering to the shrine.

◆ 27th Hatsuyume Photo Contest Award Ceremony ◆

19: 30 ~

We will hold a review and awards ceremony for the Hatsuyume Photo Contest.

◆ Fukumame Maki ◆

20: 00 ~

Fukutome will be planted by the winner of the highest award in the photo contest and Miss Sanzo Inari, the old man, and the old woman.

◆ Start scooping hot water ◆

20: 15 ~

Those who wish will be accepted before the festival begins.

◆ Zenzai entertainment (free) ◆