Information for the Nagoshi Ohrai Festival

2020/06/14 Sanzo Inari Diary

Two years

Sunday, June 28

From 13:00 to 19:00










Natsukoshi Daiho ( Naoshio Oharai ) What is

In Bingo Fudoki, Priest ( Susano no Koto ) But Somin future ( Somen ) Thank you for renting an overnight inn

"When an epidemic strikes Kaya ( Kaya ) Make a ring with

I will be spared.” After that, a plague epidemic spread, and Kaya's ring was put on my waist.

Escaped the difficulty by attaching Past event ( Koji ) Than, Kaya ( Chi ) of ring ( Wow ) To go through

Therefore, every year, it is a festival that wishes everyone's health and illness. This year especially new

For coronavirus (plague) Morbidity ( Scarecrow ) We hold a festival in the hope that we will not miss it.



Oh Shrine ( Hara ) Steps

  • doll ( People ) Rub your forehead with your breath (to prevent coronavirus

Unnecessary) sin ( Tsumi ) Or Dirt ( Injuries ) Write the name and address date of birth age committed

  • doll ( People ) Too Initial charge ( Hatsuhori ) Put your (payment fee) in an envelope and go to the shrine on the day

Please bring

*If you are unable to visit, please pray if you can send it by mail.

Of thatched God bill ( Fluffy ) I will send an offering

  • Together Kaya ( Chi ) of ring ( Wow ) Pass through the envelope and hand it to the receptionist Shrine ( Hara ) Receive

Small on the day Fortune ( Goku ) (Fortune) is available