Introducing a wide range of events, festivals and everyday contents

At Sanzo Inari Shrine in Fukuyama City, the Sanzo Inari Diary is updated so that various information can be communicated to those who have never been visited or have visited. The Sanzo Inari Diary introduces various information that you may be interested in using, such as the state of festivities that have been performed and various prayers.
Please use the various information posted in the diary when ordering.

  • 27th Hatsuyume Photo Contest

    We will hold the Hatsuyume Photo Contest again this year! Application summary Qualifications ◆ Anyone can apply freely. Application rules ◆ Entr...
  • ロゴ

    Notice of deadline for shrine maiden part-t...

    Thank you very much for applying for many part-time jobs at Sanzo Inari Shrine. We have reached the capacity, so we will close the application for part-t...
  • Looking for a shrine maiden part-time job

    We are looking for a shrine maiden part-time job for the New Year of Reiwa 3rd year! Please apply after inviting everyone. If you would like to work ...

As a well-known shrine in Fukuyama City, we will send various information from the Sanzo Inari Diary so that everyone who uses it can consult and request without worry.

We offer a wide range of contents, from introductions to various benefits to be guided, praying for prayers, and issues related to troublesome payments required for a certain period of time.

You can also learn about Ugatama Daijin, Sarutahiko Daijin, Omiya Ondaigami, the precincts and surrounding areas, annual events and festivals.