A shrine known as a famous sightseeing spot in the surrounding area

Sanzo Inari Shrine in Fukuyama City has been building for 400 years and has been working to fulfill the requests of those who worship. Many people come every year because of prayers and remedies. In addition, since it is also engaged in various events and festivals throughout the year, it is loved by everyone in Fukuyama City as a shrine where you can enjoy every season.
We have introduced on the site so that you can know the events and festivals, prayers, good luck prayers, etc. that are going to everyone.
Characteristics of Sanzo Inari Shrine

Sanzo Inari Shrine grants the wishes and dreams of each worshiper

The god of clothing, food and dwelling, the Ugatama Daijin, the god of Sarutahiko Ogami, the god that leads people in the right direction, the Ogami Goddess of God, and the three gods are enshrined as festival gods. The profits vary, such as marriage, prosperous business, and academic achievement. In addition, while praying for exorcism, we are helping to make a healthy year by spending our disaster. In addition, if you make a reservation in advance, it is also possible to respond to business trip prayers where you can pray for business in the Jinzhen Festival, Shinjuku Festival, and stores. Of course, since the gods dedicated the congratulatory words to God, it is recommended that you convey your wishes firmly when using them.
We have a lot of amulets with protections such as traffic safety and matchmaking, and we have also received a red stamp that can prove to those who wish to visit. Each person's wishes and purposes of use vary, but we will respond to each person's wishes, so please feel free to use them first.

As a historical shrine, we will keep an eye on daily life

When the founder of Fukuyama Katsunari Mizuno built Fukuyama Castle, it was enshrined as a guardian deity and it took about 400 years. In the meantime, many legends have been handed down, such as an anecdote in which a fox in the form of a warrior samurai has helped the lord and a lot of Samurai Fukuyama, and in the event of a catastrophe, the fox helped to overcome the disaster It is. Accumulating a venerable history, Ugatama Daijin, Sarutahiko Daijin, and Omiya Daijin have been enshrined as festival gods and have watched over you.
We also work on various events and festivals throughout the year. From general events such as New Year's prayer, Setsubun festival, and early noon festival, we also hold a unique event called Miss Sanzo Inari contest and a photo session with Miss Sanzo Inari. Of course, you can also visit Hatsumode, Shichigosan, and Omiya, so you can visit at your desired time. Please feel free to visit us if you are interested in events and festivals as well as prayers and good luck.


Various people come to visit

Various benefits such as marriage, prayer, prayers related to the game

When the founder of Fukuyama Katsunari Mizuno built Fukuyama Castle, it was said to have enshrined a guardian deity, starting in the 5th year of the Edo Era and rooted in this area for over 400 years. . In addition to prayers for exorcism, marriage, and fulfillment of schoolwork, we have also received visits from those who wish to visit Omiya and Shichigosan. Recently, young people in their teens and twenties have come to enjoy a good relationship.
Wish is the driving force for moving people, and because they have dreams, people can act toward their goals. God will help you to fulfill the dreams and wishes you envision, so please pray for your dreams and wishes when you visit.