This is a power spot for entertainers to visit.

Various benefits such as marriage, prayer, prayers related to the game

When the founder of Fukuyama Katsunari Mizuno built Fukuyama Castle, it was said to have enshrined a guardian deity, starting in the 5th year of the Edo Era and rooted in this area for over 400 years. . In addition to prayers for exorcism, marriage, and fulfillment of schoolwork, we have also received visits from those who wish to visit Omiya and Shichigosan. Recently, young people in their teens and twenties have come to enjoy a good relationship.
Wish is the driving force for moving people, and because they have dreams, people can act toward their goals. God will help you to fulfill the dreams and wishes you envision, so please pray for your dreams and wishes when you visit.

A shrine that has been with you since the Edo period.


Corporate name

Sanzo Inari Shrine

Street address

1-7 Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture

phone number
business hours

8: 00-17: 00

Regular holiday



As a shrine loved in Fukuyama city, it has a reputation as a power spot, and has abundant benefits and unique features. Many of those who visited the site realized the benefits, and now they have been used by the general public as well as managers and entertainers who operate the company. We will do prayers and remedies in Fukuyama City, so if you are looking for a shrine, please contact us by phone or on a special form.


Service information

Miss Sanzo Inari Contest

Every year in November, the “Sanzo Inari Thanksgiving Day / Miss Sanzo Inari Shrine Miss Contest” is held in cooperation with local companies.
The first screening that unmarried women up to 27 years of age gathered through general recruitment will appeal themselves,
In the second round, the eight selected people are actually dressed in a maiden outfit, and three women are selected as Miss Sanzo Inari.